About Us


Sadİ Gürbüzer, was born ın 1957, graduated from Middle East Technical University, department of management. Gürbüzer who has a strong interest and talent in the foreign languages, knows english and french at a native level and is currently learning German. He decided to spend his retirement days in Göcek, where he used to stay in every summer when he need to put a small pause on their tiresome city-life with his wife. After attending the ship’s master programme in Middle East Technical University, he had taken the lıcence of deckhand in 2006. He received the degree of amateur ship’s master after he had gained 1 –year-experience as a deckhand in the bays of Göcek. In 2007, with his boat named Nirvana S, he started his blue cruise.


Meryem Gürbüzer was born in Kırşehir, in 1968. After she has completed her education, she had got married with Sadi Gürbüzer and settled in Ankara. She has attended the programmes for mosaic-art, woodpainting, ceramic doll making, textile and taken certificates. In the decoration of Nirvana S Yacht, you can see her talents. In addition to all these, with the 25 years knowledge of being a housewife; She serves up delicious tastes to you in the meeting of green and deep blue..